Mosa Meat is a food technology company that’s helping everyone take a bite out of a better future – starting with the world’s kindest beef burger

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SCiFi Foods
SCiFi Foods is making meat with the same taste, texture, and nutrition as conventional meat, but ...
San Leandro, CA
Meatable makes 100% real, delicious, guilt-free meat. With one cell, they are revolutionizing the...
Delft, the Netherlands
Uncommon has pioneered a strategy to scale cultivated meat that eliminates the industry’s largest...
Cambridge, United Kingdom
Prose Foods
By reimagining how we source ingredients and craft food products, we're creating better versions ...
Gourmey is France's pioneering cultivated meat company, which creates sustainable cultivated meat...
Paris, France
Upside Foods
Delicious meat grown directly from animal cells
Fork and Good
Fork & Good aims at producing delicious meat in a sustainable manner, without the need to kill an...
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