Lowercarbon Capital backs companies that make real money slashing COemissions, sucking carbon out of the sky, and buying us time


Related companies

Solugen combines the best elements of fermentation with the best elements of petrochemical processing to create a carbon negative molecular manufacturing platform, used in industries like cleaning and personal care
Houston, TX
Mosa Meat
Mosa Meat is a food technology company that’s helping everyone take a bite out of a better future – starting with the world’s kindest beef burger
Maastricht, the Netherlands
Kula Bio
Kula Bio provides sustainable nitrogen solutions, helping farmers improve crop yield and reduce environmental impact with a cost-competitive biofertilizer that boosts a naturally occurring process to deposit meaningful amounts of nitrogen in the soil
Natick, MA
Zero Acre Farms
Zero Acre Farms introduces a new category of healthy oils and fats, made by fermentation, not deforestation
Formo is a food biotech company on a mission to bring the next generation of sustainable, healthy, and equitable dairy products to consumers
Berlin, Germany
Minus Coffee (Compound Foods)
Beanless coffee, crafted to conserve
San Francisco, CA
Tomorrow Farms
Tomorrow Farms is building irresistible food and beverage brands that are better for people, kinder to animals, and easier on the planet