Greenly makes carbon management simple and intuitive for companies of all sizes and every industry, allowing them to fast-track the transition to a net-zero-carbon economy. Its SaaS enables companies to measure, monitor, reduce and offset their carbon footprint based on international carbon accounting standards.

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Related companies

Carbon Maps
Carbon Maps is a comprehensive, science-based, data-driven climate management platform for the food industry
Carbon Trust
Carbon Trust is a global organization that provides expert advice, support, and insights to help businesses and governments reduce their carbon emissions and transition to a sustainable, low-carbon future
Klimato is a startup on the mission to reduce the climate impact from food by helping restaurants and foodservice providers to calculate, communicate and report the carbon footprint per dish
CarbonCloud develops software that helps calculate and communicate the carbon footprint of food products, map out supply chains and identify areas to reduce emissions together with suppliers – from farm to shelf
PLANET->FWD is the carbon management platform for consumer products. Leveraging the largest LCA database for agricultural products in North America and advanced value chain modeling, Planet FWD makes it easier to take climate action.
San Francisco, CA
Instantly analyze the environmental and social impact of your products and ingredients with a comprehensive, user-friendly SaaS platform. HowGood Latis empowers cross-functional decision making, goal tracking, and marketing communications with data-backed sustainability insights on over 33,000 ingredients.
My Emissions company logo My Emissions
My Emissions is making carbon data accessible to food companies, empowering them to make meaningful carbon reductions. And its simple food carbon footprint label helps everyone make more sustainable choices.
London, United Kingdom
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