Toronto, Canada

Sustaintech is a purpose driven agri-tech company focused on creating perfectly controlled indoor growing environments that grow a wide range of high quality crops in any climate, no matter how harsh


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Hippo Harvest
Hippo is a controlled environment agriculture (CEA) company that leverages plant science, machine learning and robotics to sustainably grow vegetables in greenhouse environments that are cost competitive with fields
Plenty operates indoor vertical farms that grow fresh, flavorful, pesticide free greens – all while using just a fraction of the water and land compared to conventional farms
San Francisco, CA
Bowery's farms are indoor smart farms teeming with technology that help bring local foods closer to the communities we’re a part of. They provide 100x more produce per square foot of land than traditional farms with the same footprint—with 100% renewable energy and 90% less water.
80 Acres Farms
80 Acres Farms makes is capable of producing an abundance of crop varieties year-round, completely indoors, using 100% renewable energy, without any pesticides or excessive food miles
Square Roots
Square Roots provides partners with immediate access to controlled environment agriculture, a key component of any climate change adaptation strategy
Brooklyn, NY