SmarterX connects product data to a complex regulatory landscape, empowering intelligent and sustainable decision making for retailers and brands


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Makersite’s Product Lifecycle Intelligence software brings together cost, environment, compliance, and risk data in one place to help brand manufacturers make smarter, greener decisions powered by a deeper understanding of the supply chain
Stuttgart, Germany
MakerSights enables apparel, footwear, and accessories brands to rapidly collect consumer feedback at scale, analyze consumer data for insights, and make confident product, investment, and go-to-market decisions that dramatically reduce costs, drive unprecedented margins, and inspire brand superfans
San Francisco, CA
Ecosurety is a compliance scheme that ensures its members comply with the UK's packaging, e-waste and batteries environmental regulations
Bristol, United Kingdom
Ecoveritas is an environmental data specialist that provides a range of tools and expertise to brands, retailers, and supply chains to efficiently minimise the environmental impact of their packaging
Oxford, United Kingdom