PureCycle's patented purification recycling technology is designed to transform polypropylene plastic waste into a continuously renewable resource

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Protein Evolution
Protein Evolution's technology breaks down various types of plastic waste efficiently and produces good-as-new, high-quality material as a result
New Haven, CT
Mango Materials
Mango Materials'‚Äč technology uses waste biogas to produce PHA powder, a valuable biopolymer that is converted into a variety of eco-friendly, plastic products such as cosmetic packaging and a polyester replacement for textiles
Redwood City, CA
Zero Waste LLC
Zero Waste Recycling was founded in 2014 with the mission of becoming a nationwide waste consolidation service provider
Charlotte, NC
Plastics for Change
Plastics for Change is the largest source of fair-trade verified recycled plastic
With a novel solvent-based recycling technology, APK produces of high-quality plastics from post-industrial and post-consumer plastic waste
Merseburg, Germany