Rooted in Koji, Prime Roots meats taste, look, and feel just like the real thing

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Air Protein
Air Protein makes protein from elements of the air
San Leandro, CA
Renegade Foods
Renegade Foods uses fermentation to make animal-free, organic charcuterie that requires 80% less packaging, shipping at a lower cost, and ships and stores without refrigeration
Eat Meati™, the debut product line from Meati Foods, features cutlets and steaks made from mushroom root
MyForest Foods
MyForest Foods makes farm-grown, meatless mycelium-based meats, including its flagship MyBacon product
Green Island, NY
Planted combines proprietary structuring and fermentation technologies to produce meat from plant proteins, focusing on delicious taste, meaty and juicy texture, while only using natural ingredients
Zürich, Switzerland