Related companies

Smile Compostable Solutions
Smile offers brands a turn-key solution to go fully compostable on all food packaging materials. Their patented, plant-based technology is fully certified and easy to adopt.
GaeaStar has developed a zero waste disposable clay cup to deliver a sustainable fine china experience with all the convenience of disposability.
Berlin, Germany
Shellworks makes packaging from up-cycled waste and is a non polluting fertiliser at its end of life, providing an alternative to plastic that is easy to throw away without harming the environment
London, United Kingdom
Sway makes home-compostable packaging derived from seaweed, a naturally abundant and regenerative resource
San Francisco, CA
One.five is a biomaterials research, development and scale-up company, providing circular, cleaner and tailor-made packaging solutions in record time and with measurable impact to the consumer packaged goods industry
Hamburg, Germany