MIWA is a complete retail solution based on a clean and effective way of selling the goods while minimizing single-use packaging

Products & Services


Related companies

Tainr is packageless technology platform for center store private label and CPG products
Los Angeles, CA
Fyllar produces a refill solution for retailers and CPG brands that prevents mess and enables traceability
Best, Netherlands
Algramo is a circular platform that allows you to buy your favorite products in reusable packaging, focused on maximizing convenience while minimizing cost
Santiago, Chile
Dizzie addresses the problem of packaging waste in groceries. They help retailers and brands transition from single-use packaging to reusable packaging.
Nuneaton, England
GoUnpackaged partners with forward-thinking clients across the supply chain to help them reduce their single-use packaging footprint by transitioning to reusable, and refillable, packaging
London, United Kingdom
Terracycle Loop
Loop is a global reuse platform enabled by a multistakeholder coalition of manufacturers, retailers, and consumers that aims to "eliminate the idea of waste"
Trenton, NJ
Root Innovation
Root Innovation provides analysis and strategy consulting to help packaging producers and brands create low-impact circular packaging solutions and blueprints for business sustainability
London, United Kingdom
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