Happy Returns specializes in providing a streamlined and convenient solution for in-person returns of online purchases, simplifying the return process for both shoppers and retailers

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Yuti Co-op
Yuticoop offers sustainable 3PL logistics, from biodegradable packing to green warehousing, best-in-class carbon offsets, and more
Brooklyn, NY
Optoro is using technology to solve a large, and growing, global problem -- unsold and returned products that create unnecessary waste and costs retailers billions of dollars. Optoro offers returns technology that connects a seamless online returns experience with efficient supply chain processing and reCommerce, so that retailers can improve outcomes across all points of the returns lifecycle.
Washington, D.C.
GoBolt provides fulfillment, sustainable last mile delivery, and reverse logistics solutions in major markets across the U.S. and Canada
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RePack introduces Reuse as a service, where packaging is reusable & returnable, and users rewarded
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LimeLoop’s reusable packaging for e-commerce retailers is powered by smart technology to bring visibility into packages’ complete journey 24/7/365
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Returnity provides reusable packaging solutions to companies and organizations
Brooklyn, NY
Bibak offers technology and services to enable reusable and refillable packaging, including incentive systems, a tracking platform, return terminals, and more
Paris, France
With reusable shipping packaging, Rhinpaq protects forests and reduces CO2 in online retail
Essen, Germany