Umaro Foods makes delicious, crunchy, meaty bacon with protein from red seaweed

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Related companies

MyForest Foods
MyForest Foods makes farm-grown, meatless mycelium-based meats, including its flagship MyBacon product
Green Island, NY
Beyond Meat
Beyond Meat creates plant-based meat substitutes that closely mimic the taste and texture of traditional animal-based meats
El Segundo, CA
Black Sheep Foods
Black Sheep Foods is a plant-based meat company using revolutionary technology and analytical chemistry to create a delicious lamb alternative that is better for the environment and your health
San Francisco, CA
La Vie Foods
La Vie's patented vegetal fat recipe allows them to propose juicy vegetal meat experiences like no other
Paris, France
Planted combines proprietary structuring and fermentation technologies to produce meat from plant proteins, focusing on delicious taste, meaty and juicy texture, while only using natural ingredients
Zürich, Switzerland
Juicy Marbles
Juicy Marbles developed proprietary protein texturing technology for plant-based whole cuts production
Tender Food
Tender is on a mission to make alternative meats so delicious, nutritious, and affordable that eating animals won’t make sense anymore
Rebellyous makes crispy and juicy plant-based nuggets, tenders and patties
Eat Meati™, the debut product line from Meati Foods, features cutlets and steaks made from mushroom root
Simulate's mission is to upgrade the world to a positive food system
San Francisco, CA
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